Irrigation Services: Give Your Lawn the TLC It Deserves


Today in Kentucky, droughts are both more severe and more common, which means watering your lawn is increasingly a luxury. But without regular water, the outdoor space where you relax and your children play will turn brown, become diseased, and even die.

Irrigation services can help you protect your yard without wasting precious water. And irrigation systems aren’t just for golf courses or expansive, rolling lawns. You can use one designed perfectly for a small garden, too.

Think you know irrigation? Think again. Here’s why irrigation could be the answer to your needs.

What’s an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system isn’t simply a set of sprinklers. It’s a customized watering system that divides your property into watering zones. By using zones, you can ensure each part of the yard gets the water it needs when it needs it – not more and not less. Then, the pop-up spray heads turn on at the correct time and use the radius required to cover the zone.

All you need to do is wait and watch as your system cares for your lawn on your behalf.

Do I Need an Irrigation System?

Everyone’s lawn is different, so to figure out whether your lawn is a good candidate for irrigation services, go out and have a look at your grass.

Some of the signs of an unhealthy lawn include:

  • Dry grass and soil
  • Blue-green grass color
  • Compacted soil
  • Thin grass or bald patches

Not sure whether you have a dry yard? Take a walk through your grass. If your grass has enough water to drink, your footprints will disappear in a few minutes. Can you still see your footprint five or ten minutes later? It’s a tell-tale sign that your lawn is too dry.

Although a lot of emphasis gets placed on dry lawns, some people have the opposite problem: they overwater their yard. Signs of a lawn that’s too wet include:

What’s more, an overwatered lawn leaves your grass susceptible to diseases, including fungus, rot, moss, and mildew. When you overwater, you not only waste a valuable resource, but your yard is far from a pleasant place to be.

Irrigation can help you strike the right balance. And that’s important because lawns reach their peak health when your water them thoroughly but infrequently.

What Are the Benefits of Irrigation Systems?

You might think that you can throw a few sprinklers in the yard and call it good. But sprinklers and irrigation systems don’t do the same job.

Choosing a sprinkler (or a hose) is equivalent to putting your clothes on your outdoor clothesline to get washed in the rain rather than using your washing machine. Sure, the clothes on the line get wet, and they might even be a bit cleaner, but leaving your clothes out in the rain is far less efficient, and the results hardly compare to a machine that uses the right temperature water and soap.

With that analogy in mind, let’s dive into some of the benefits of irrigation systems that make these services unique.

Irrigation is Environmentally-Friendly

If you’re going to water your lawn, then irrigation is the most environmentally-friendly way to go about it. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Irrigation directs the exact amount of water needed to the zones that need it most. It waters your lawn thoroughly, and then it switches off. Sprinklers and hoses don’t compare. You can’t reach every area of your yard with a hose, and you’re far less likely to give it the soak it needs. Even if you do, it will take up a considerable chunk of your time.

Every time you water your yard with a hose or sprinkler, you’re wasting that water. It’s not doing your lawn as a whole much good, but it’s still taking up resources.

As a bonus, irrigation sprinklers keep water close to ground level, which prevents the water from blowing away or evaporating in the Kentucky summer sun.

Irrigation Protects Your Soil

Water impacts the quality of your soil, both positively and negatively. If you overwater, you can wash away the nutrients your grass and plants need. Plus, the earth can become heavy, which also hurts your plants’ chances of survival.

By protecting your soil, you also protect your grass, shrubs, trees, and garden. It’s a win-win and a must for those who tend to be house proud.

Increase Your Home’s Value

We all know that curb appeal is essential for achieving the right resale value, and you can’t get curb appeal with a dead lawn. But it’s not just the aesthetics that bring in buyers.

If you have an irrigation system installed, you increase the value of your home. Not only does it impact the home’s price directly, but buyers have a better indication of the health of your soil, which can make a difference to the right buyer.

Save Time and Effort

Forget to turn the sprinklers on? Forget to turn them off? Don’t have time to stand there with a hose.

You can automate the irrigation system to do it all for you – no more wasted Saturday mornings. Plus, you’ll get better grass and soil from it!

Save Your Lawn by Hiring Irrigation Services in Kentucky

As we encounter hotter and drier seasons, we know that we need to prioritize the use of our water. But that doesn’t mean killing your grass. Choosing an irrigation system will give your yard the water it needs to stay healthy without running the risk of over or underwatering it.

Don’t wait to enjoy your lawn. It’s time to find irrigation installation companies to protect your yard – and your family!

TLC Property Service Group can help. We offer a full range of lawn care services, from fertilization to dethatching to irrigation. Get in touch to get started building an incredible yard for your family. 


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